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Thoughts about too many things

Sometimes when I get sick, instead of being tired and wanting to sleep all the time, I get insomnia.

Which is why I slept all yesterday afternoon, then stayed up all night until I could take a walk in the early morning rain. I got an opportunity to wear my cape - it's tan with nice brown grosgrain ribbon around the hem, and a beautifully bright red lining, and good deep pockets, and did I mention it has a sailor collar. (I really love this cape, is what I'm saying.) Helped keep me dry under the huge umbrella - it's one of those light-up ones. Doesn't actually light much up, but if it were dark and you just wanted to read a business card or something, I guess it would help.

Anyway, my brain went a bit into overdrive thinking about some things I've watched lately.

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I've also been thinking about programming an automatic fanfic cross-posting program for a while. You'd feed it a clean html'd version of your fic, it would pick out the excess paragraph tags, and then ask you for different headers. You fill out your info, it posts to DW/LJ as you wish (well, my DW crossposts already, but maybe some people want to keep them separate or only post to one). Then it grabs the URLs for you and waits for you to post the cleaned version of your fic to AO3 and FFnet. AO3 is more complicated, not sure it would be a great idea to automate it. You give it the URLs of those, then it spits out a formatted header and links for posting to Tumblr.

(Okay, I guess it could be used for other fanworks as well. But I usually do fic, so that's what I imagine it for.)

Think I might actually try working it out when my computer science project is turned in and finals are done. Crossposting is such a pain, even with templates, that if I can automate I really should.
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Busy little bee

While writing for it made me quite busy, I was really happy with the Trick or Treat exchange. The other three exchanges I did this year, I managed to end up on the pinch-hit list every time which made me worry about my ability to write prompts. This time I stayed off of it. And not only did I have the opportunity to write some things that I don't usually touch, I got four lovely stories, which really brightened up my day. Now I just need to cross-post everything. I wonder if it's possible to write a script to automate that....

Around the same time I was busy finishing stuff for the Creatures Community Spirit Festival, but unfortunately after the third day (out of fourteen) the website went haywire due to PHP version switching (?) so things haven't been posted for that. Ah, well. I'm proud of the little triptych I wrote for it, though a little surprised that I managed introspection from a game with literally no characters.

Made the mistake of signing up for Flight Rising during the last registration window. Why are pixel dragons so addicting?

I really should go work on my thesis now, or at least my NaNo project - due to not being able to write a couple of days, I'm behind.