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Trip Day 0

In ~1 hr my friend and I leave for the Baltics(+Iceland) trip! Thank goodness. I've only been looking forward to it for a year, planning it for a few months, finding places to stay for the past week... (That was fun when combined with looking for an apartment for grad school.)

I was persuaded to take a few more things than can fit in my Bag of Holding and take stuff in my backpack as well, but we're traveling pretty lightly. Which is good, because we have three planes to Vilnius (US to Iceland, Iceland to somewhere in Scandinavia, that place to VNO), and we're going to be visiting a ton of places.

Glad to have at least one friend who could make it out of all the ones I asked. I mean, I would have been fine on my own, but this should be fun. Hopefully all will go well. (It better, seeing as this is my graduation present to myself :|) There's some room for spontaneity in the itinerary but we at least have most of our places to sleep by now. And a good mix of old buildings (castles!), museums, and pretty nature. Very excited!
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