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Thanksgiving + Yuri on Ice

Thanksgiving break went well. My parents and I had a good lunch/dinner; I made pumpkin pie from scratch for the first time, and the recipe turned out better than the storebought we usually get, I think. The only thing that did not go well was the whole wheat rolls, which we made because my mom couldn't find anything in the stores she liked. According to the recipe, we baked them in the muffin tin, and... well, we had muffin-shaped bread rolls. They only tasted so-so, too.

I was there until Monday morning due to the train schedule, so over the weekend, my dad and I went to a local secondhand bookshop and picked up books. I managed to get three from my to-read list. And my mom and I went to a frozen custard place that just opened to have custard for breakfast - she had just read about a study by a Japanese researcher that showed that people who had ice cream for breakfast did better on cognitive tasks than either people who had no ice cream for breakfast or who drank cold water instead of eating ice cream, so we joked about that on the way there and afterward.

Also, I had mentioned that I really loved this new figure skating anime to my mom, so she wanted to watch it, and then my dad came in early on in episode three, and they liked it so much that we mainlined the whole thing and then watched episode eight while it was simulcasting. And then on Sunday, we ended up watching some real figure skating.

I had a bit of an odd experience in that I got into a (long) political discussion with my dad at one point, which went rather well even though we're not exactly on the same page. It was a real discussion, not an argument like you usually hear about happening on Thanksgiving. He's a third party member and his viewpoint is that a government strong enough to protect you is strong enough to persecute you, and I understand his beliefs better now even if I don't agree with all or even many of them.

(There was one point were I burst into tears when we got to talking about Pence and I did have to explain to him that when I was crying and talking about how my friends have experienced hate crimes and it's still legal in too many places to send your kid to psychological torture if they are gay or have gender issues, what I wanted was not to hear how the other side was bad too, but to get a goddamn hug. Then he gave me a hug. He is ultimately a compassionate and caring person, but for various reasons his emotional IQ is kind of lacking.)

Getting back was exhausting (local train + Amtrak 1 + two hour layover + Amtrak 2) and took nine hours. Usually it takes six. Thankfully I managed to snag a taxi with some other people going the same way instead of having to pay twice as much. Taking two buses back and then trudging up a hill to get home was not something I wanted to consider even if it would be free.

My co-host and I ended up deciding to delay the Creatures Community Spirit Festival due to lack of submission, which was a bit frustrating and last-minute, but should hopefully work out for the better. Now it's happening during finals, but I'm actually probably busier this week than I will be that week (thanks, multiple programming homeworks). And I might have time to put another thing or two together. At least the associated blog carnival is still going this week, and that's worked out well; everyone has interesting thoughts to read and has posted every day so far.

Still disappointed that they missed out on the easy pun in the title: the horrussia!

Grandpa was okay! I was worried about him. I guess he was too busy researching what katsudon is and figuring out how to make it into pirozhki and lost track of time for Yuri's SP! But still, best grandpa. I love Yuri's scenes with him, they just make me smile.

I thought Emil's theme was interesting (got a weakness for cyborgs and robots) and now my brain is going 'okay but the universe where he IS a cyborg!!!' which is probably the same one where Georgi is actually a witch and Guang-hong's night job is working for the mafia.

Good on Sala for being firm with her brother - and good on Michele for accepting what she had to say after his initial 'nooooo' instead of doubling-down. And he had a nice costume, that purple suits him. Dude needs to tie his bow tie, though. He's not gonna get that threesome with Emil and Sala with that kind of sloppy dressing. (On a completely different note, why the heck does he use 'washi' for his pronouns?)

I was also happy to see that Georgi came to see everyone's skating!

Yuri's costume, was, um. Not sure what my own reaction is. One part 'OTT, Yuri, get that collar under control' and one part 'Nice use of colors!' and one part 'his hair looks so good!'. But his actual routine itself was great and fit the music perfectly! And is a better outlet for his rage than 'Agape'. It sounds like he might be building more stamina, going from "Tough..!" halfway through his SP and still suffering but now being able to do that. Just don't kill yourself skating too hard, Yuri.

(Can I get 'Beauty is a crushing force of righteousness!' on a t-shirt? Because, damn, Lilia.)

Yuuri: 'Don't think right now' -> continues thinking. I know the feeling. It did help once he was thinking of the right thing. And he didn't freak out, so, that's progress. (And I was glad to see him using more Russian this episode! Languages are a thing for me.)

JJ can go to hell. Er, or rather, I hope he gets utterly crushed at the Grand Prix and has to rebuild himself with healthy confidence instead of arrogance like 'The guy I lost to by fifty points decided he was going to quit skating because he was SO AFRAID of me'. ...that said, I did like his hand-on-the-ice spiral, that was pretty cool.

"What is this, a hug competition?" Has someone written that fic yet or is it still too soon?

I don't have much to say about the ending other than ❤ But oh, that hand kiss and "It's almost like a proposal" ahh, beat still my heart. I don't even know how far this anime is going anymore; the last scene could be their wedding and it would barely surprise me now, which is not what I expected back at the beginning.

They do need to eventually have the 'what happens after this' conversation. Maybe next episode?

The one thing that disappointed me about this episode was that I was hoping for some Victor backstory while he was worrying over Makkachin. What did he see in Yuuri's skating to decide to become his coach on a snap decision? Does he even have any family? ...maybe we'll see that next episode?
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