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Yuri!!! on ice!!!!!!


I wanted to re-watch it right away, but unfortunately I had to do school stuff and attend a meeting and then I dropped of exhaustion as soon as I came home at 7pm but NOW I can experience this joy of an episode again :D

Last week I wrote that I wouldn't even be surprised if this anime ended with their wedding, and welp. I'm not surprised but I'm very pleased that they're actually heading in that direction, oh geez. (Not that I think they should get married yet - they've been together for, what, 2~3 months at this point? But stiiiiill.)

So! We did not get the talk I was hoping for, exactly, but we did get Victor POV and it's pretty clear that Victor isn't thinking that the end of coaching == end of relationship, but Yuuri is still desperately flailing to try and couch their relationship in those terms. (Yuuri. You know what exchanging rings in a church means. You know it's not a good luck charm. FFS.)

Yuuri's voice when he goes "Victor, help me" really gets to me. The poor thing. But then his tone a minute later when he goes "Take me sightseeing!" is great too.

Victor, "It's unusual for Yuuri suggest sightseeing" he just wants to spend time with you to calm down you dork.

The church scene is just. Yuuri's hands trembling, his little gasp when he sees the ring on his hand and it hits him, their faces, just. ❤

And we got to see why Victor came to Japan to coach Yuuri! He's already not happy with his situation and maybe thinking about going into coaching -> drunk guy at the party begs him to be his coach -> he forgets about it, probably, given his history of not remembering promises, etc -> three months later, sees Yuuri's video and remembers, goes, "Hey, this guy is actually pretty good and could be even better if he tried and HEY that's the guy who wanted me to be his coach! I should go take him up on that." -> flies to Japan, is confused when Yuuri doesn't jump on the chance for Victor to be his coach. Judging by the preview where Victor is being sad in the snow with Makkachin, maybe we'll get even more of his POV next time?

Other things:
Chris and Victor sure do seem to have some kind of history. I already shipped it, but I think I ship it even more now. Is there more fic yet? Last I checked, there was almost nothing, though I did find a couple of nice pieces of art.

PHICHIT! Phichit is the best friend. The kind that sometimes embarrassed you in public because they're so excited. He's so supportive though <3 (Is that Vicchan in his icon for Yuuri?)

I have to admit I was a little ??? at people shipping Otabek/Yuri before he'd even had so much as a speaking line... but the hero of Kazakhstan sweeping the princess fairy of Russia off his feet and taking him away on his motorcycle is something I can get behind. I felt sorry for them when they were having such a nice dinner conversation and then everybody else showed up and interrupted it. I'm still unsure as to why Otabek suddenly decided he wanted to be friends with Yuri, but oh well, it's cute.

And Yuri shared the katsudon pirozhki of love with his coaches, awwww.

Georgi has a new girlfriend!

Nobody likes JJ. Or at least not when he's being an ass. He shows up at the dinner party too? WELL IT'S REALLY LATE GUESS WE GOTTA GO SLEEP., what did we do to deserve this anime. Not to drag RL into this too much, but this has... not been a cheerful year, as a queer person. I cried for days after Pulse; on the night before Thanskgiving, I got an email from the local LGBT center saying that there was a shooting in a local gay club (they clarified that it looked like an 'interpersonal issue' rather than a hate crime, but that only helps so much). And of course, this election happened. I know it's just a piece of fiction, but Yuri of Ice has really, truly been a bright spot for me these past couple of months.

I'm very glad that apparently this is now a time when a show like this - a mainstream sports anime show - can include a relationship between two men, and a mature, thoughtfully-written relationship with main focus at that. Yes, there was No. 6, but No. 6 didn't have this kind of focus on the romance, and it's always good to have a second one. (Plus the plot of YoI is more coherent than that of No. 6's anime.) And this time around people aren't freaking out and trying to no-homo it nearly as much as they did around No. 6, from what I remember seeing (to be fair I didn't actually watch No. 6 until much later, after the fuss died down). Between this and the recent news about the Tokyo ward recognizing same-sex relationships and what I've picked up from my JP twitter feed about people pushing for recognition of LGBT people in school educational standards, etc, I'm even starting to feel better about the possibility that I might end up in Japan someday. Maybe it won't be perfect, but, hell, America sure isn't.

In other news, Z and I are going to be cosplaying Victor and Yuuri this year! He's going as Eros!Yuuri; I'm going as young swan!Victor. We've already bought some of the fabric. I may have stayed up too late hunting down the perfect silver bias tape. I definitely spent time I couldn't sleep looking up the exact perfect shirt to cut apart for Yuuri's top, which was harder than one might expect.

Also, I'm currently writing some Detroit-era Pitchit & Yuuri gen, and then I really want to finish that Emil/Michele/Sala thing where Emil has a cyborg leg, but when that's done what should I write next?
~The thing where Pitchit and Yuuri are FWB and Pitchit dresses up as Victor for Yuuri's birthday; awkward roleplaying happens.
~Christophe->Victor; sleeping (just sleeping) together
~Young Chris/Victor where Chris develops real feelings
~The pair of oneshots, one past Chris/Victor and one present Yuuri/Victor, involving crossdressing
~Victor invites Chris to a threesome with him and Yuuri
~Magical Girl AU
~Short fic where they burn the tie. Yuuri doesn't compromise on the suit, though.
~That one fic that I have half-written in my head that's threatening to become way too long that involves Yuuri winning the GPF, then through magical shenanigans being thrown back in time to an alternate universe where he never existed and Victor is still ~19/20, then giving the skating world a shocking upset while trying to get Victor to fall in love with him again
~Criminy Allekha don't you have a 100k origfic sitting around waiting for you to write the MC being miserable because she got herself kidnapped by the bad guys and then the girl she's in love with also getting kidnapped and then them escaping and burning the place down by accident and then some sort of happy ending remember that aren't you going to finish that
~or that trilogy you're supposed to be editing?
~something else???
(why can I not have infinite writing time)
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