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I posted another YoI fic, which brings me up to an even 20 stories posted for the year, if you count the anthropomorfic I did at the start of the year (which I do, because round numbers) \o/ I'm actually still a bit unsure about the story, but I already added 1.5k in editing it and I'm tired of staring at it and going 'is this too much about spirit lady? did I write Victor correctly?' so up it goes. At this point I'm just glad that I was able to write it a summary.

(Speaking of YoI, my skate track CD arrived on Tuesday morning. Guess what's been playing on repeat since then.)

There was this book about medical mysteries I really wanted to borrow, but despite having access to three different library systems on Overdrive, none of them had it; I guess I'll have to go borrow it in person when the library opens again and finish it before I go back to my apartment. Instead, I borrowed something else on my to-read list, a book about the discovery of Tutankhamen's mummy and what happened to it afterwards, prompted by the author's noticing of critical letters to the editor in a journal about an article about Tut's medical issues disputing pretty much everything. So far, the book has been interesting, though do not read if bad 19th-century archaeology makes you cringe too hard (ahhhh take photos before you drag the mummies out ahhhh stop taking everything to humid climates ahhhh stop ruining everything). This improves by the time they start excavating Tut's tomb.

Today, I met with my friend B and we went out for ramen (though this time they charged me $1 extra for half an egg instead of giving me the whole egg that was supposed to come with mine because I got the vegetarian version >( ). He told me about his adventures in being a new teacher and when we came back, he introduced me to Death Parade and I introduced him to Yuri on Ice. After he left, my parents and I went to buy mead and taste champagne at a local wine shop; turns out I still do not like champagne and will try to avoid at the party I'm going to tomorrow. We had dinner at a place we had never been to before, which is seafood-themed but had several vegetarian dishes, and I can't remember having better lasagna. All in all, a good day.

A few days ago, we had stupidly warm weather (~60F/15C) and I took advantage with a long walk in the woods in the nearby park. I went off the path and down to the little creek that runs through and just had fun finding places to cross by standing on rocks, jumping from sandbar to sandbar, walking on logs... it was very soothing to me. Very much like home. I have so many memories of playing in the woods and the creeks, often on my own, when I was a kid. Near my apartment, there's a place with a waterfall that turns into a river that goes through the trees. It's not the same - the banks are much steeper, the river is wider, there are no wild roses - but I should go down there more often when it warms up and see how it feels clambering around on the rocks. If nothing else, I've found I like sitting and reading by the waterfall.
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