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Chocolate Box Letter

Hello, whoever is creating a thing for me! I am sure that I will like whatever it is that you create. Please don't feel too bound to the prompts and ideas in this letter if you have an idea that you like more and think I would like also; they're just there for inspiration if you want it. And feel free to poke me if something I wrote is confusing or you want clarification.

Some general likes: Outsider POV. Canon divergence AUs. In less realistic settings, mundane-type AUs that stay in the setting. Slice of life. Potential dark themes of canon being explored. Spirits, gods, and ghosts. Character exploration, introspection, and backgrounds. Traditional or historical clothing. Clothing kink of almost any kind including crossdressing (the one exception is lingerie on people of any gender; it's not really my thing). Crack. Crack taken seriously. Intense friendships, complicated relationships, and UST. Sharing beds or baths (platonic or otherwise). Adventures and apocalypses. Language barriers and cultural differences. Showing care without using words. Playing with/doing up/brushing/washing hair, particularly long hair. Wingfic or wingart of any kind, it's basically my favorite trope ever - stick a pair of bird/butterfly/bat/abstract/whatever wings on a character or few and I'm good.

Dislikes: Humiliation. Excessive and pointless angst, torture, or violence - violence, angst, etc in general is okay, as are unhappy endings. Surrealism in fic; it's okay in art. Mundane AUs (school, coffeeshop, etc) are something I'm very fussy about in fic; less so with art.

DNW: pregnancy (for more than a brief mention or something in the background). A/B/O dynamics of any kind. Noncanon character death. Reinforcement of gender stereotypes or roles by the narrative (it's okay if it's just an individual character's point of view).

Fandom specifics
Sailor Moon
For Rei/Ami, I've read the manga and have seen the original anime - I prefer the anime continuity, but either one is fine, or a blend of both. For this fandom, I tend to prefer art with bright, shiny colors.

Ail/An: I like how these two are both jealous of and devoted to each other, in love but not knowing what real love actually is, and the 'aliens attempting to blend in' thing appeals to me as well. Maybe something from when they are children? Other planets they have been to with the Makaiju, before they got to Earth? Or how about what they do after they've left the Earth? Other ideas: comforting each other - or having a fight and eventually making it up. Investigating Weird Earth Things together. Something with them just being cute together with the tree. Outsider POV from when they were pretending to be humans, whether or not that outsider knows they're siblings. I would prefer something on the cute side overall, but moments of darkness are a-okay, or something overall darker is fine too.

Rei/Ami: I'll be honest, I started shipping this because I saw a piece of official art that hit my shipping buttons (see here: because it seems so affectionate. Alas, I haven't been able to find much in the way of fanworks :( I think you could some interesting things with the fire/water symbolism, or where they bond/deal with their family issues together. What kind of dates would they go on (either sweet or hilariously failtastic). Or maybe they're already dating and something comes between them - Ami's studies, for example. I'd also like to see art of them wearing kimono or yukata together; I think Rei's outfit would be more modern and fashion-forward and Ami's more 'proper'.

General things I like in Hetalia: history and historical settings and historical/national clothing, crack (as long as they are still nations), the occasional AU, and complicated relationships that change over time. Other things I like that go well with this fandom are crossdressing or dressing up, textile work, dancing together, going adventuring/walking in beautiful scenery (maybe to pick berries or something else useful, maybe just for the nice view and the time together), and tea.

For this fandom, I would prefer no non-nation AUs, please, and no 2P or cardverse stuff. Other types of AU - althistory!AU, crack!AU where they're still nations, etc - are fine.

Pairing-specific ideas
Austria/Hungary: Blood and war and cleaning up. Gardening - maybe they have different ideas for how it should look. Cooking or baking.

China (& or /) Japan: Calligraphy (or skin-writing?). Drinking all different kinds of tea. Stargazing (maybe on a cold night that invites closeness). My favorite historical period for China is the Tang Dynasty, so you could do something with the cultural exchange going on then, or maybe with Japan's hikikomori Edo Period days?

Liechtenstein & Switzerland: Mountain climbing. Picnicking. Baking and sweets.
Liechtenstein/Switzerland: Shippy versions of above, and also: Clothing kink on Switzerland's part - or Liechtenstein's. I like this ship cute and sweet, but I've also enjoyed slightly darker or less happy interpretations of it in the past.

Hungary/Liechtenstein: Going to a hot spring or bathing together. Hungary taking pictures of Liechtenstein. Messing up one of Liechtenstein's carefully put together outfits. Hungary acting the part of the knight and Liechtenstein the princess.

Fukigenna Mononokean
I've both watched the anime and also read the entire manga (including the latest Japanese chapter) so you can include any manga spoilers that you want to. I like spirits and youkai and the differences between youkai/humans or the spirit/human worlds.

Specific ideas/prompts:
Abeno Haruitsuki & Yahiko: Yahiko tricking Itsuki for fun (and perhaps going too far). Or, coming to understand more about some weird human thing about Itsuki. Yahiko somehow loses his hoshi no tama and Itsuki has to help him get it back.

Abeno Haruitsuki & Fuzzy: Itsuki and Fuzzy in the time where Hanae lost his spirit-sight. Itsuki being quietly/secretly fond of Fuzzy. Does Fuzzy live with him in the Mononokean now? What does that look like?

Abeno Haruitsuki/The Executive: I find the way the Executive talks to Itsuki and keeps holding on to him and the expressions Itsuki makes at him in Chapter 35 to be really fascinating. Has anything happened between them or is there just some kind of tension? What about after Itsuki used his control power on him? Were there any conditions to Itsuki, as a human, becoming the new master of the Mononokean?

Ashiya Hanae & Fuzzy: Fuzzy missing Hanae when he's lost his spirit-sight. Or anything cute between the two of them. I'd also like to see them getting better at understanding each other despite Fuzzy not being able to talk and the two of them being different species.

Fallout 4
Robots! I really like what FO4 does with them, pursuing the question of the difference between a person and a machine (or a machine who is a person, or was a person, or... well, you get the idea). I also haven't played Far Harbor yet due to lack of time, but I should have by reveals, and I heard that Nick has a role in that; feel free into include any spoilers for that or any other DLC if you like.

Except for M!SS/Nick, I am happy with any gender SS (including genderqueer!SS if you like).

Specific ideas/prompts:
Codsworth & Curie & Sole Survivor: The game only lets us take one companion at a time, but maybe in fic/art SS could take them both for twice the robotic adorableness. Do they work well together? What different tasks do they take on? What do they talk about when SS is asleep? Or, Codsworth helps Curie (and maybe SS) to SCIENCE by getting things/cleaning up? Perhaps they can work together to help the SS out with some problem they're having.

Codsworth & Sole Survivor: Codsworth is my most favorite companion (barely edging out Nick and Curie) and part of it is his loyalty all these years later, how he wants to be family with the SS (and how happy he is if you tell him he is). Also, he is super adorable in his bowler hat. Maybe something of them exploring the wasteland together soon after SS gets out of the vault, helping SS survive in this very different world, talking about the old world together, Codsworth excited to do something other than attempt to polish rust after 200 years.

Male Sole Survivor/Nick Valentine: Nick has this line (I think when you're repairing power armor) where he asks if you do trenchcoats - SS gets him one that's not all ratty. Helping Nick with repairs. Conversation after SS visits the Institute for the first time. Something goes terribly wrong and SS ends up bringing a broken Nick to the Institute and demanding that they help (and no screwing around with his head, either). SS likes having another person with at least some memory of the old world around. Nick on the lookout while SS sleeps close nearby.

Wingfic/wingart would work reaaaally well for this fandom. Or anything with one of these pairs having a good time (or a good time) in their giant robots.

Specific ideas/prompts:
Apollonius/Celiane: I would love to see more about what their relationship was like, what kinds of things they did together when they weren't fighting, what attracted them to each other so strongly in the first place. What kinds of serious cultural misunderstandings could they have? Sex must work relatively the same between the species for Celianne to have kids, but there could be some differences there, too. Or Celiane admiring/touching his wings, or comforting him after they get cut off.

Apollonius/Touma: Again, I'd like to see more of their relationship in general and what they did when not slaughtering humanity/listening to raindrops, maybe how they got together in the first place, even something about their relationship during the time Apollonius was fighting the angels. Did they have a secret tryst or few? Did Apollonius try to convince Touma over to the side of humans or have regrets? Though they also seemed quiet happy fighting each other. What if they had ended up on the same side in the end? Or, honestly, art of them just hanging out with some whales/looking at flowers/etc would work well, too.

Reika/Tsugumi: how does their first date go? Does Tsugumi ever get those explosions under control or will their relationship doom DEAVA to high repair bills? Jun trying to help Tsugumi with asking Reika out (except, does he really know how relationships work either...?). Reika gradually getting some of her issues as she dates Tsugumi and bad things don't necessarily constantly befall them - and if they do, Tsugumi doesn't hold them against her. Or: surprise! Everyone at DEAVA has wings now :D

Yuri!!! on Ice
(This section is really long since I requested so many relationships here - sorry about that!)

Some likes for this fandom: Dancing together. Canon divergence or close-to-canon AUs like 'spirits exist'/'we skate to please the gods'/wing!AU, etc. Fairytale-type AU. Hurt/comfort. Crying. Time travel or time loops. Skating as seduction or to send a message. Outsider POV and/or use of social media.

For this canon, please no unrequested noncanon (including non-skating) AUs.

Specific ideas/prompts:
Jean-Jacques Leroy/Grand Prix Final Judges: What exactly did he do to earn those seriously borked scores?! Did he seduce them individually or en masse? How did the 'king of skating' resort to this - or is it a normal part of the 'JJ Style'?

Jean-Jacques Leroy/Isabella Yang: I kind of thought they were each other's trophy bf/gf at first, but they won me over! (Though I could still go for a story where it's a bit of both.) How did they meet? What does Isabella do - does she have her own job or studies? Do they even have much time to spend with each other? Isabella comforting JJ after his bad performance at the GPF. Or, wedding fic - supposed to be the perfect day for the the perfect couple but inevitably going right off the rails and making JJ freak out, though I think Isabella would handle it better. (Did they invite the other skaters? Who agreed to come?).

Christophe Giacometti & Pole-Dancing: How'd he get started? How long has he been doing it for? What does he like about it? Does he dance to fund his skating costs, or just for fun/exercise? Crackier vein: how many times has he pulled a pole out of nowhere to get on it?

Christophe Giacometti/Christophe Giacometti: I guess this ship could refer to masturbation (also good), but I have a thing for selfcest, so. (He's one of those people who would totally do themselves, isn't he.) Are the two Chrises the same? Or how could they be interestingly different - perhaps other Chris is a woman, or a professional poledancer instead of a skater, etc?

Katsuki Mari & Katsuki Yuuri: I feel like these two must have a really interesting relationship that I'd like to see explored. Mari supports Yuuri - but at the same time, her younger brother is a well-known athlete who spends a lot of time abroad while she helps to run the family inn in a small, dying town. In the first episode, it sounded to me like she might not have even gone to college. What's it like between them growing up under those circumstances? Are there times Yuuri has supported her with some problems or hobbies of her own?

Katsuki Yuuri & Pole-Dancing: I seriously want to know the story here. My headcanon is that Phichit got his hands on coupons for a couple of free classes, didn't realize what they were, and dragged Yuuri along, who was embarrassed at first but found he liked it, but I'm up for anything else, too! Did he make a drunk decision to sign up? Did he seek lessons out for some reason?

Katsuki Yuuri/Poster of Victor Nikiforov: There's a lot of possibilities here. Just one poster? Multiple ones? Does he have a favorite? Is it one where Victor is doing some sexy pose or is scantily-dressed or one that shows his face well? Or hitting on some other kink Yuuri has (long hair, suits...)? Does Yuuri stare it from across the room, take it down to put on his pillow, get up close to the wall for a better look...?

Victor Nikiforov/Katsuki Yuuri/Phichit Chulanont: This seems most obvious to me as something v-shaped with the pivot on Yuuri, but I could also see something where it starts off that way and gradually Phichit and Victor get closer - starting with taking selfies together perhaps, and discovering more as they more time together. I'd be happy either way. Distance seems like an issue that would pop up - even after they retire, Phichit would probably want to stay in Thailand while Yuuri & Victor are in Russia or Japan. How does that work out?

Christophe Giacometti/Katsuki Yuuri/Victor Nikiforov: One idea: drunken threesome after the infamous banquet. Or, established Yuuri/Victor have a threesome with Chris (and maybe they become more involved than intended?). Chris to me seemed to have elements of jealousy towards both Victor and Yuuri, and besides his history with Victor he seemed interested in Yuuri after the pole dancing, so I think that kind of mix of feelings could be interesting to see.

Christophe Giacometti/Victor Nikiforov: Them in their younger days. Meeting at events and sneaking off together. Chris teaching Victor French. Goofing off and having fun together. Unrequited pining could also work, as would something where they have a FWB-type situation and one of them develops romantic feelings.

Katsuki Yuuri/Victor Nikiforov: They plan a wedding, but Yuuri eventually snaps from the stress of it. Practicing for the GPF exhibition skate - and probably messing up more than a few times. Going at it while Yuuri is still in costume. Yuuri giving Victor a private pole-dance performance.

Phichit Chulanont & Katsuki Yuuri: Phichit trying to draw Yuuri out of his shell in Detroit. Bonding over their pets and skating movies and food - I'd love to see them cooking for each other. Exploring the area and maybe getting lost. Taking pole dancing lessons together. Phichit discovering that Yuuri is a fun drunk. Being supportive of each other in any way - helping each other with skating stuff, cheering each other up, patching up injuries, trying to help the other out with homesickness.

Phichit Chulanont/Katsuki Yuuri: See above and add "and they kiss", etc. Also: having a FWB arrangement in Detroit. Phichit distracting Yuuri from his distant crush on his idol, or trying to cheer him up after a loss - or celebrating after a good day. I'd be good with something sweet and cozy or even something more sad where Phichit is pining after Yuuri.

Lilia Baranovskaya/Okukawa Minako: Did they meet as younger, internationally-known dancers? How much rivalry was there - was there any tension, or perhaps a fling? Maybe they meet again in the present day at a skating competition and an old spark flares up again, and Lilia's divorced and Minako's not attached.... I could also 100% go for them dancing together.

Michele Crispino/Emil Nekola: Emil tries to win Michele's heart; Michele does not get it or if he does, thinks he's trying to use Michele to get closer to Sara. Perhaps Sara helps Emil out (to get Mickey off her back so she can go on a date undisturbed?) or he tries using a more direct approach.

Michele Crispino/Sara Crispino/Emil Nekola: Emil finally, after much effort, gets the Crispino sandwich of his dreams. Maybe one twin is totally into it and the other needs more persuading (Michele doesn't want Sara involved but she's down for it; or, perhaps he's more into it if she's there and she wants more distance). Or, Emil hears Michele wanting matching rings, and buys three. I'd be okay with either something v-shaped with the pivot on Emil or something where all three of them are involved with each other.

Mila Babicheva/Sara Crispino: Mila showing off her strength by lifting Sara, either on or off the ice. Michele finds out; after focusing so much on 'protecting' Sara from guys, he forgot about girls... or maybe he only cares if it's a man? Dressing each other up (and then undressing each other again). Moving into pairs skating together.
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