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Fandom 5k Letter

Hello, writer. Thank you for writing me a story; I'm sure I'll enjoy whatever you come up with! This letter is long because I tried to give lots of ideas and prompts for my requests should you want them, but if there's a story you're already thinking about and think I would like, please feel free to write that instead! You're not beholden to my prompts :) And feel free to poke me if something I wrote is confusing or you want clarification.

Some general likes: Outsider POV. Canon divergence AUs. In less realistic settings, mundane-type AUs that stay in the setting. Slice of life. Potential dark themes of canon being explored. Spirits, gods, and ghosts. Character exploration, introspection, and backgrounds. Traditional or historical clothing. Floriography. Clothing kink of almost any kind including crossdressing (the one exception is lingerie on people of any gender; it's not really my thing). Crack. Crack taken seriously. Intense friendships, complicated relationships, and UST. Sharing beds or baths (platonic or otherwise). Adventures and apocalypses. Time travel and time loops. Language barriers and cultural differences. Showing care without using words. Playing with/doing up/brushing/washing hair, particularly long hair. Wingfic is basically my favorite trope ever - stick a pair of bird/butterfly/bat/abstract/whatever wings on a character or few and I'm good. 5 times or 4+1 or other variations on that structure.

Dislikes: Humiliation. Excessive and pointless angst, torture, or violence - violence, angst, etc in general is okay, and generally speaking so are unhappy endings (I've marked a couple of exceptions to this below). Surrealism. Mundane AUs (school, coffeeshop, etc) are something I'm very fussy about and don't usually like.

DNW: pregnancy (for more than a brief mention or something in the background). A/B/O dynamics of any kind. Reinforcement of gender stereotypes or roles by the narrative (it's okay if it's just an individual character's point of view).

Just a couple more notes: I don't care what tense or POV you use. If you think you can pull off second-person future tense progressive aspect or whatever, well, good luck and I'll still happily read it. I'm also fine with any rating. I gave plottier prompts below, but I'd be okay with PWP, too.

No non-nation AUs, please, though other AUs - crack!AU where they're still nations, alt-history!AU, etc, are okay. Also, please don't include any very depressing or awful events from ~1900 to the present. For this fandom, please no unhappy endings, but mixed/bittersweet ones are okay if that's where your idea takes you.

General things I like in Hetalia: history and historical settings and historical/national clothing, and complicated relationships that change over time. Other things I like that go well with this fandom are crossdressing or dressing up, textile work, dancing together, going adventuring/walking in beautiful scenery (maybe to pick berries or something else useful, maybe just for the nice view and the time together), and tea.

China (& or /) Japan
I love these two and their relationship and their up-and-down history, whether you would prefer to take it in a platonic or romantic direction. If you take it romantically, I wouldn't mind seeing China angsting a bit because he thinks of Japan as his little brother; if you'd rather skip that, though, that's fine, too.

My favorite period of Chinese history is the Tang dynasty, which is also around the time Japan sent a bunch of envoys to China to learn to be properly civilized, so maybe something with China teaching Japan about the 'proper' way to do stuff (dress, worship, build houses, write, er, have sex, whatever)? Or, something set in the Edo period, when Japan's being a hikikomori and China is one of the few people he will see - maybe China tries to drag him out of the house for a bit of fun, or they have their own fun inside.

For the modern day, maybe something where they're trying to repair their relationship, even if it's not always working out that well. Or perhaps something where Japan is seriously injured in a way that will take a while to heal (rendered blind, or unable to walk, etc), or gets into trouble with supernatural beings he no longer believes in, and China feels obliged to help him.

I love the Heian period; a story set then would be awesome! Maybe Japan gets involved with some famous authors, or tangled up in some supernatural happenings. Or, something set during the Meiji restoration, with Japan hurrying to become modern and learning all sorts of things from all sorts of nations he's never even met before. Actually, a story just about all the things Japan adapted from other nations (China, Korea, Portugal, Netherlands, Prussia, America....) could be pretty interesting, too. For a modern-day story, maybe something involving video games - do they help Japan connect to other people through MMOs and the like, or let him isolate himself?

It could be nice to see some early Chinese history from China's perspective, or perhaps a turbulent period (like the end of a dynasty and the beginning of another) where things are falling apart and he can't quite fix them. Or his interactions with scholars, poets, artists, or inventors over time. Or something set during the exploratory sea voyages like we see in that one strip! I'd also be happy to see China adapting to the modern day and the new ways of doing things, even if he's at the same time trying to hold on to some traditions - or dealing with the loss of Sinocentrism (er, at least for the moment) and no longer being the one seen as the most civilized country. Or, well, if you think you could manage to write a 5000 word story about China discovering tea and inventing tea ceremonies and teaching his siblings how to drink tea and using tea to connect with or help his citizens (or anything else to do with tea), I'd be over the moon.

Yuri on Ice
Some likes especially for this fandom: Dancing together. Canon divergence or close-to-canon AUs like 'spirits exist'/'we skate to please the gods'/wing!AU, etc. Crying. Time travel or time loops. Skating as seduction or to send a message. Outsider POV and/or use of social media.

For this canon, please no non-skating AUs.

Christophe Giacometti/Victor Nikiforov
I can never get enough of these two pre-canon, hooking up at competitions, Chris teaching Victor French, and maybe trying to find other ways to meet. Canon divergence AU where for whatever reason, Victor doesn't fly off to Japan, and something happens to make him and Chris develop a closer emotional relationship instead? Or, hell, an AU where Chris somehow ends up training in Russia? (For this exchange, I'd prefer at least a 'happily for now' ending where they're together or, at least, FWB; pining and 'it was great but we drifted apart/Yuuri came along' is usually fine with me, but for this I'd like them to have a happy ending that includes being a ship, please.)

Christophe Giacometti/Victor Nikiforov/Yuuri Katsuki
One idea: drunken threesome after the infamous banquet, and the morning afterward. Or, established Yuuri/Victor have a threesome with Chris, either at a competition or during the off-season (and maybe they become more involved than intended?) - and whose idea is it? Chris to me seemed to have elements of jealousy towards both Victor and Yuuri (man, that look he throws them in EP12), and besides his history with Victor he seemed interested in Yuuri after the pole dancing, so I think that kind of mix of feelings could be interesting to see from his point of view. Maybe in an AU, Chris and Victor are already a Thing by the time of the banquet, only for Victor to get infatuated with Yuuri, who Chris also likes but isn't head-over-heels for - how would that work out, especially if Victor still runs off to coach Yuuri?

Katsuki Yuuri/Victor Nikiforov
They plan a wedding, but Yuuri eventually snaps from the stress of it. An AU where they meet earlier in time - as kids would be cute, or as ~14/15 and ~18/19 where it's not a great idea but Yuuri is so happy to meet his idol and Victor finds Yuuri cute? Or, time travel with younger!Victor either alongside or replacing present-day Victor. On a similar note, I am 100% for role-reversal and ageswap for this ship. Perhaps there's some curse on either the onsen (maybe it's part of how they're still the only one in business) or even Hasetsu in general that's going to affect their future together somehow.

Michele Crispino/Sara Crispino/Emil Nekola
This could be great either as a triangle or a v centered on Emil... or maybe it starts off as a v and something happens that gets the Crispinos involved with each other, complete with lots of messy emotions. AU where Emil really is a cyborg and the Crispinos find that fascinating. What happens if the media catches on to the fact that the three of them are dating (or at least that the Crispinos are both dating Emil), and how do they deal with the inevitable media storm?

Phichit Chulanont/Katsuki Yuuri
I subscribe to the headcanon that Phichit pulled Yuuri along to take poledancing classes (with or without being aware of what exactly the classes were for); they could have fun with it together and maybe make out afterwards? They take a break to travel in America for a few days, and maybe it's nice and maybe they get super lost or some other peril of travel (missed connections, lost luggage...) lands them in trouble together. For Yuuri's birthday, or something, Phichit dresses up as Victor and they try out role-playing. They both go to a competition in Japan and Phichit expects Yuuri to show him around... even though they're not in Kyushu and Yuuri may or may not be feeling up to it.

Avatar: the Last Airbender
I have seen Korra and read the first two arcs of the comics; feel free to use or ignore these as you wish.

Things I love in this fandom: worldbuilding, backstory, bending used for mundane purposes, exploration of the relationship between the spiritual and material

One idea for Aang is his pre-canon backstory - how did he meet Kuzon? Did the air temples have, like, field trips to other nations or something? Or hear some of those other stories he knows about, like with the Unagi at Kyoshi Island? He's such a fun-loving kid, I could also see him getting into trouble by himself (maybe little!Aang wanders off into the woods after a lemur or something and has fun with the animals for a bit while everyone starts looking for him, until it gets dark...). I would also love seeing his relationship with Gyatso and the other monks being explored. Post-canon, how does he deal with the loss of his culture? I'm sure he wants to bring it back. I know Korra canon is that there were no other airbenders left, at all, really, but eh. There could be some that were very well-hidden and only remained alive because they isolated themselves, or took great pains to appear like non-benders. Even if there aren't any, does Aang look for them when he has the time?

Other possible character interactions, if you want ideas for them:
Zuko: Okay, I ship it. Even if you don't want to go that route, though, I'd enjoy seeing their growing friendship post-canon explored. Maybe the two of them have to work on clearing up spiritual imbalances caused by a hundred years of traditions being twisted for war. The two of them could also investigate some firebending-related traditions that were forgotten about or stamped out during the war, or at least made rare.

One note: they use ridiculous pet names for each other in the comics; even if you're using that as canon for your fic, please have them just call each other by name ^^
Does Katara have any difficulty establishing herself as a waterbending master and not just 'the Avatar's wife' to people who don't know her or of her? How does planning for raising children work out when the two of them come from very, very different cultural backgrounds, especially wrt kids? I'd also be happy with a sweeter fic where they take a break together after some stressful work... and maybe get sucked into helping some more people in the random vacation village they're hiding away at.

Man, Iroh has some really cool stories to tell. How did he get to the spirit world? What did he see there? Did he meet anyone interesting? Where did he learn all this stuff about the bending styles of the other nations and so on - how did he shake off the propaganda he was raised with? When did he start becoming closer to Zuko and caring more about him? What if he'd also taken to Azula, maybe paid more attention to her interests from the start - could that have helped her at all? Or, what if Lu Ten didn't die and Iroh returned home, whether or not he was triumphant at war? What if he became the Fire Lord instead - that could be nice to see from Aang's perspective, if Zuko hunted him down to hand him a courteous invite instead of trying to imprison him. Or maybe you could tell the story of some adventures Iroh got up to in the two years of Zuko's exile before the start of canon - organizing music night, trying to wrangle Zuko and keep crew morale up, going shopping, probably enjoying his time away from the palace....

I love Kyoshi backstory - I've read and written several variations by now, but more is always good! How was her training, as a more 'normal' Avatar than Aang? What did she struggle with most? What did she learn besides bending the elements? Or, after her training, we have seen her deal with two political situations, but there must have been more, and outside the Earth Kingdom, too. What did she get right? Where did she go horribly wrong?

Other possible character interactions, if you want ideas for them:
Aang: These two have very different approaches, but Kyoshi is still one of his past lives and advises him sometimes. Maybe something happens on Kyoshi Island, or there's some mystery or fallout resulting from her actions in life where Aang feels the need to consult her. I think it would be nice if they could bond a bit over something they do share, like, IDK, a deep/spiritual appreciation over the connectedness of nature and the world? (Sorry if that doesn't make sense - feel free to slot anything else into that idea instead.)

Iroh: Maybe these two could meet when Iroh first went to the spirit world to try and find Lu Ten. I think Kyoshi would try to dissuade him from his quest, because he isn't supposed to be there. I don't know, I feel like these two could have some interesting conversations on philosophy as Iroh tries to find his son. (Perhaps they meet again and have tea together after Iroh moves on to the spirit world permanently.)

Some backstory would be lovely, or scenes from when they were traveling in the Earth Kingdom. How did Suki decide she wanted to be a Kyoshi warrior? Was she inspired by the story of Avatar Kyoshi, was she saved by one as a child? What's the training like? How did she become the leader, especially since she's still pretty young? Has she ever had to drag her team out of a very scary, dangerous situation, or make a really hard decision about a life-or-death matter? When they go to the Earth Kingdom, are there any cultural differences that strike her, situations she's never faced before? I think it would also be interesting to see her in the Southern Water Tribe a few years after the series with Sokka, learning about their culture, helping them rebuild, but also probably having a tough time with some of their traditions like the sexism.

Other possible character interactions, if you want ideas for them:
Kyoshi: Kyoshi must be somewhat important to her, considering that Suki is in her warrior tradition and lives on the island named after her that she created, but how much so? Was she super-interested in everything Kyoshi as a kid or no? Maybe she witnesses something of Kyoshi through Aang's Avatar state, or even gets to talk to the woman herself (through Aang or through a misadventure that traps her in the spirit world or, heck, even after she passes away).

Abe no Seimei/Minamoto no Hiromasa
I love a good canon-style 'supernatural shenanigans happen, Seimei and Hiromasa have to stop it' get-together/established-pairing plot. I would read a million of those. I think it's nice when Hiromasa gets to genuinely have the good idea or save the day/Seimei, or when Seimei isn't perfect even though he's incredibly competent (maybe there's a malicious spirit that manages to hide its true nature/intentions until it's too late?). Maybe some idiots play hundred ghost stories all the way to the end. If you want some ideas for spirits, while I'm sure I would like anything you might make up, from Japanese folklore I like bakeneko, funayuurei (boat ghosts), kappa, or, on the lighter side, karakasa-obake and other spirits of old objects, and also tofu-kozou.

It could also be interesting to see something that runs with the idea of 'Aone was immortal, Hiromasa received her life-force, ergo Hiromasa is now as immortal as Seimei', especially one looking forward out of the Heian period. How would they change over the years? How would Hiromasa, especially, deal with all the societal changes and upheavals? Would they ever go anywhere other than Kyoto? What would it be like for them to be living and solving supernatural mysteries in modern-day Japan (...still wearing kimono, I hope?)? Maybe in the modern day spirits are moving as much as humans and they have to deal with a foreign spirit of some kind.

Fallout 4
General things I like for this fandom: the similarities and differences between a seemingly perfect past and a seemingly terrible future; robots and humans and the difference between a person and a machine (or a machine who is a person, or was a person, or... well, you get the idea); hope in bad situations; people coming together and rebuilding and being good to each other even in bad situations; tough decisions in difficult times.

Except for M!SS/Nick, I am happy with any gender SS (including genderqueer!SS if you like). I would also prefer that the SS be at least a little on the 'good' half of the morality scale, though they can be pretty grey if you prefer that.

Male!SS/Nick Valentine
In the game, we can't take companions to the Institute, but what if we could? What would the scientists think of Nick, and how would the SS react to their reactions? Maybe they want to SCIENCE on his unique setup? Or, something damages Nick badly and the SS takes him to the Institute as a last-ditch attempt to help him out - and no screwing around with his brain! Back on the surface, maybe the SS tries to do something special for him for Valentine's Day, because of the name and because Nick remembers what that is, but is frustrated at every turn by unhelpful people/raiders/lack of resources in the Wasteland/things suddenly not working/sudden radiation storms/etc etc etc. I don't usually like kid!fic that much, but I think it would be interesting for SS to suddenly show up with synth!Shaun, whether or not SS and Nick are already together.

Sole Survivor & Codsworth
Codsworth is my most favorite companion (barely edging out Nick and Curie) and part of it is his loyalty all these years later, how he wants to be family with the SS (and how happy he is if you tell him he is). Also, he is super adorable in his bowler hat. Maybe something of them exploring the wasteland together soon after SS gets out of the vault, helping SS survive in this very different world, talking about the old world together, Codsworth excited to do something other than attempt to polish rust after 200 years. Contrasts between the present and the future and how their relationship has changed. Codworth and SS work on rebuilding together, which they both find fulfilling and even soothing. Something bad happens to SS (a bad fall or other injury, for example) and Codsworth struggles to help.

Sole Survivor & Codsworth & Curie
Codsworth helps Curie (and maybe SS) to SCIENCE by getting things/cleaning up... and then something goes wrong with the experiment and they have to work together to fix it. Or, SS gets kidnapped or seriously lost and Codsworth and Curie strike out together to help them out. SS takes them both on a mission, which means twice the robotic adorableness, but maybe some of the ways they interact could also get kind of frustrating, even if in the end it all works out for the best.

Stardew Valley
Player (Stardew Valley)
If you want to go more canon-typical in tone, I think it would be interesting to explore some of the traditions and weirdness of the valley - what does Player think of the mouse selling hats, the wizard who lives alone in the forest, the mine full of monsters, etc? (Or maybe that's all totally normal in this universe!) What things does Player bring to the valley and its inhabitants as an outsider, as someone who brings the farm back into order and pokes the old mine again and causes repairs to happen around town? Or, what happens when Player starts to woo every available love interest at the same time - is everyone really okay with this, how does it get sorted out?

On a crackier/more horror-type note, what if the Player is a bit... off? (My main has green skin and hair and is named Honeydew, for example. Maybe Player looks non-human like that and has creepy mannerisms of some kind.) Or maybe they do look human but still act strangely. Maybe they're secretly a vampire, or another magic-user? Do the townspeople get suspicious, or do anything about it? Or, perhaps, there's something off about the valley itself that Player begins to notice over time - the way that no-one ages properly, for example.
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