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I survived my talk! In fact, it went well enough that one of the professors I know asked me to do the same talk for her class on Thursday. They asked a lot more (and, tbh, a lot more interesting) questions than the people at my department talk did. Also, my advisor said that he understood my research even more than he did after I gave him an earlier version on Monday.

Between all that and the exam I had on Friday (think I did pretty well, even on the Baye's Rule question, which is the one formula where I cannot keep the variables straight even when I write everything down) I've been doing stuff I didn't have time for last week. Catching up on housework, looking at all the Chocolate Box stuff I didn't get the chance to check out yet, hanging out with Z, and enjoying our abnormally pleasant spring weather, which started to turn colder again but is still nice. Now that my hands won't freeze, I caught a bunch of stuff in Pokemon Go, earned some coins from gyms, and used one of my lucky eggs to get some tens of thousands of XP from all the pokemon I've been stocking up and putting off evolving.

With all the ice melted off the paths, too (which took a while - we got a lot of snow in that stormy weekend that hit the northeast a few weeks ago, to the point that they even cancelled classes because we got ~10 inches in one day) I no longer had an excuse to not go for a run, so I dragged myself out today for one. Went better than I expected; still get side stitches, still have plenty of period of walking, but apparently I did more running this time - at least, the app tells me that my pace was faster. And I could feel that I'm more flexible when I stretched afterward. I am... kind of looking forward to going again. Huh.

Z and I went shopping for Asian groceries over the weekend for the first time in a while. It's annoying to go by myself (it takes over an hour by bus to get there) and I kept forgetting to ask him to drive us there. I had to re-organize my pantry to get the spices from the Indian grocery in - I had a system but it'd become a mess - but I'm looking forward to trying out some recipes I picked out from my cookbook that I haven't made before. And I can make miso soup again! It always reminds me a bit of when I was studying abroad in Akita - I made it all the time there, since it was cheap, tasty, vegetarian, and easy to make with the one burner we had in our dorm.
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