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I've finished the first page of that Japanese academic paper I'm working on \o/ That only took me a few days. 9.3 pages left to go. According to Mnemosyne, I scraped/mined 48 sentence fragments for studying from that page; I hope that number will go down a little bit for the rest now that I've got some of the fundamental vocabulary and grammar points, but there are some words that are unlikely to repeat. Like 歯車(はぐるま|haguruma) and 滑車(かっしゃ|kassha), gear and pulley (talking about the construction of Babbage's Analytic Engine). (That pair drives me up the wall, by the way, because 歯車 uses the kun reading of 車 and 滑車 the on one. But at least it's not as bad as 売上高, which uses all kun readings even though it's a compound word, and which tripped me up so badly the first time I tried to read it.)

While I'm on the topic of Japanese, I finally got around to making myself a Tenso account in order to buy doujinshi from Japan. One from Pixiv Booth - that one I was nervous about because of my obviously foreign name (even wrote it in latin characters) but it went through just fine and was delivered. Then added another last night because I found out that the person who did the genderswapped Yuri-as-in-f/f on Ice art did a full-color book on the concept, and I am weak /o\ And I ordered, uh, a lot from Toranoana. It's all so cheap per book, even with international shipping! Which I way overestimated at first. I dug through almost every single page for Yuri on Ice on Toranoana, and while it was overwhelmingly Victuuri with some OtaYuri and a smattering of Yuuri/Yuri and Victor/Yuri, I was pleased to find that there are a few rarer ships in there, along with some gen ones. I think I ordered a Seung-Gil/JJ doujinshi with nice art, at least one EmiMike book, and a long gen Victor backstory book; I also saw several Phichit/Seung-gil books, and even a Phichit/Celestino one just popped up on there, it looks like. I even bought one thing that wasn't Yuri on Ice!

Mm, I just like physical fandom media. Digital is good, too - I have plenty of scans - but it's not quite the same as curling up on my couch or laying on my bed with a book and no screen. (Except my phone. I use doujinshi for language-learning, too, and even if I don't feel like it at the moment, sometimes I want to look a word up.) There's just something about the way that zines and doujinshi and the like physically communicate enthusiasm for a source. After I bought stuff, I wandered around the genre tags on Toranoana for a while, just seeing what was out there - Undertale, Tokyo Babylon, historic RPF, Vocaloid CDs, original cooking manga, even one on how to make a 'can piano' out of used aluminum cans.

Oh, and are there any active language-learning comms here on DW? Or even something like linguaphiles? I tried some interests but couldn't find anything that was being used.

I haven't gotten around to checking out everything I might be interested in this anime season, but tonight I watched Kimi no Na Wa/Your Name with some friends.

If you haven't heard, it's really good! The animation is gorgeous - I'm specifically thinking of one scene with the main girl and her sister doing a traditional dance that is very smooth, but there were also moments like when someone was hammering a nail that just made us go, 'oh, wow'. Lots of beautiful, beautiful scenery; it made me think of places I've been to in more rural areas of Japan. (At one point the main girl complains her small town doesn't even have a dentist; her town seems larger than the one near AIU, where I studied, though I don't know how many people there are there, and that had a dentist! I even saw him at one point.)

Also, I liked the way that, at first, when the main girl and guy bodyswap, they move in very gendered ways, but they're in the wrong gender of body. For example, the first time we see the main girl in the guy's body, she stands in a doorway in a way that is very feminine-coded, all hunched in on the corner with her arms pulled in. And there was the interesting theme of how they were often more likable by being each other than be being themselves.

A couple of the jokes were untranslateable, and I'd like to see the dub at some point just to see how it handles those. The worst was the early scene where the main girl is bodyswapped into the main guy's body and talking to his friends, and she goes through a whole series of pronouns - atashi - wait, watashi - er, boku? - ore?? okay. Thankfully, my group is mostly familiar enough with Japanese that this only needed minimal explanation.

I had a few nitpicks with the story, but for the most part I really liked it and bought the romance. Nitpick #1: why does it take so long for one of them to try calling the other? It doesn't work, but while them writing on each other's bodies and leaving notes around is hilarious, surely the first thing you would think to do is to write your number and CALL ME?

#2: We should have seen the full version of that scene between the main girl and her father at the end; as it is, it made me wonder what they said to each other and left their plot thread hanging.

#3: So this random noodle shop guy gives a stranger a ride into the wilderness (I completely believe that part), but then just leaves him there with no 'call me when you need to get back' or arranging a time to pick him up? It's not like he can take a taxi from there! How is he supposed to get back? How did he get back?

#4: What happened to the grandma? Is she okay? Did she get back to making kumihimo? I liked her.

#5: Dude, why did main guy write 'I love you' on her hand instead of his freaking name like he suggested? I know the reason is 'because plot and the ending the director wanted', but we were all yelling at him for being stupid about it.

...but overall we loved it, and now I want to watch it again to try and spot details and foreshadowing I missed the first time.
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