A Song in the Trees

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Note: I primarily use Dreamwidth now.

I'm currently a grad student. I am also interested in several other areas of science beyond my field - especially chemistry, biology, and astronomy - as well as history and writing. I am fairly conversant in Japanese. Someday I also hope to learn Mandarin. Or German. Or Tibetan, or.... I'm interested in languages, as well.

My fandoms include Avatar: the Last Airbedner, Hetalia, Star Trek, Yuri on Ice, my favorite obscure game Betrayal in Antara, and whatever else my brain has latched onto at the moment.

I have identified as genderqueer for several years now, or to be more specific, genderfluid. I prefer they but also use he/she interchangeably./>

I'm always happy to talk to strangers, even if I'm pretty shy about starting conversations. (I'm trying to work on it.)

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